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Only recently has the need for specialized treatment and unique court systems been recognized for mental health / criminal offenders in the state of California. Introduced to the state in 1999, the mental health courts were instituted to help attend to both the medical and legal needs of defendants suffering from insanity or some other form of mental illness. Sanity hearings stand to protect a mentally impaired person from being taken to the criminal courts for trial if they lack the capacity to withstand a hearing. However, they do not address the very different - yet very real - fact that , while some individuals are mentally sound enough to attend court, their behaviors must still be tried differently than a normal case would be. This is because the restoration of sanity from which a defendant may now benefit, was not in place at the time that criminal behaviors were enacted. It is exactly for this reason that mental health court systems such as Department 95 in Los Angeles exist.

If you are a resident of Southern California and you have been charged with a crime for which your mental incapacity was responsible, then you will undoubtedly need the legal defense tactics of an attorney by your side. In order to plead not guilty by insanity or to prove that a restoration of sanity now exists, you will need skillful tactics that can only be employed by a knowledgeable legal professional. For this reason, aligning yourself with a Southern California mental health lawyer from our firm as soon as possible may be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Mental Health Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

It is a sad truth that mental health disability rights are sometimes overlooked more than they should be, especially when it comes to the application of these rights in the criminal court system. This is because the normal legal consequences employed when a defendant is found to be guilty of a s exually violent predator accusation or other criminal act will differ from those given to the mentally impaired. Rather than being punished in the prison system, mental hospital stays are often prescribed to mentally ill patients who are caught breaking the law.

At Lessem & Newstat, LLP we understand the negative repercussions that can come from being tried and sentenced in a way that does not attend to your mental health needs. Therefore, we have made it our business to ensure that sound legal representation is offered to Southern Californians in several counties, including that of Los Angeles. With over 50 years of combined courtroom experience, and hundreds of successful case dismissals to our name, there can be no question as to the fact that our skillful legal capabilities are worthy of defending your case . We are familiar with Department 95 as well as other mental health courts in the state, and as such we are prepared to go to trial on your behalf.

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Learn more about how an associate from our firm can help with your case. Contact a Southern California mental health attorney as soon as possible.


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