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Mental Health Lawyer Serving Southern California

What to Do in a Crisis Situation

Few can identify with the level of fear, anxiety, stress, and distraught that often accompany the time surrounding the criminal arrest of a mentally ill loved one; and these are emotions experienced not only by the person accused, but by the family and close friends of the accused as well. According to the definition of insanity, there often exist times in which a seemingly sane person can develop symptoms of mental incapacitation beyond that which would normally be deemed as foolish. Under these circumstances, any number of situations could occur including that of immoral behaviors that will require the legal assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. Before anything else, make sure that you call 9-1-1 for immediate response.

In these cases more than the standard methods of defense tactics will be necessary to attend to the matters at hand. In the event that a mentally impaired person acts out in dangerous behaviors, a Southern California mental health attorney should be contacted as quickly as possible. Along with medically stabilizing these persons, it will be extremely important to make sure that they are adequately represented by a professional who knows how to handle cases of this nature. Including a thorough legal knowledge of the criminal matter(s) at hand, we also offer crisis consultation methods to family members going through the process with their mentally ill and criminally charged loved one.

Crisis Consultation Attorney in Southern California

Being arrested and accused as a sexually violent predator or any other criminal offense is nothing short of a crisis. As with other situations of crises, it can be extremely difficult to know what to do next or whom to turn to for help. Therefore, at Lessem & Newstat, LLP we have made it part of our job to help not only the mentally impaired but also the loved ones of these individuals. At every step of the way, family members of the mentally incapacitated can turn to us for help in finding the right doctors to prescribe the best medications available and obtaining proper custody.

We are a law firm that offers a full set of services to mentally impaired and criminally charged individuals in Ventura, Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California. With more than 50 combined years of criminal defense experience, we know just how traumatizing and debilitating the time following an arrest can be. For this reason, we are prepared to help defendants and their families at every step of the way in what can sometimes be a long process. What started as a crisis situation will quickly be put to ease with the help of an associate from our law office.

A professional from the firm is available 24/7 to help with your needs. Contact a Southern California crisis consultation lawyer whenever you are in need of sound legal advice and support.


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