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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Southern California

Accused of a crime? We can help!

Arrests and accusations of a criminal offense are far from rare in Southern California. In fact, more and more people are seeking the legal assistance of a defense attorney to represent their case and defend them against the allegations that have been made in their name. However, too many people learn too late that simply hiring a lawyer to defend their case is not enough. What is needed more than anything is the assurance that you have aligned yourself with an aggressive, knowledgeable, and effective lawyer that can skillfully defend you against even the harshest accusations.

At Lessem & Newstat, LLP each and every Southern California mental health lawyer at our firm is prepared to take on a wide array of cases, from minor misdemeanor offenses to major felony allegations. Combined, our team boasts more than 50 years of experience in the legal field of criminal defense. As such, there is little that we haven't seen and/or represented in the court of law.. We know just how much the outcome of any case lies on the defense strategy that is brought before our case, so we dedicate a great portion of our time strategizing on the best line of defense on your behalf. Whether or not your arrest and criminal accusation lies on the determination of mental health capacity, we have the skills and know-how needed to effectively represent your case.

Southern California Criminal Defense

The successof your case could greatly hang on the defense that is brought by your defense attorney. That being said, we have taken every step possible to form strong alliances with the best in the field. Whether you are in need of a thorough investigator to look into the details of your DUI or theft crime charge, or you are looking for expert witnesses who can challenge the prosecution's case against you, we have the resources you need. We believe that the best results will be achieved by sending a strong message to the prosecution that the defense team is ready to take your case all the way to trial. Therefore, we are committed to doing everything necessary to display our confidence when it comes to go ing to court on your behalf.

Being charged with a crime of any type can be overwhelming enough to effectively leave the defendant incapable of making the next move. In the most drastic cases, important rights are even waived by stunned individuals who do not realize the totality of their actions. For these reasons, we have chosen a profession that support s, guides, and defends the criminally accused in Southern California, from Santa Barbara to Orange County and everywhere in between . Just because criminal allegations have been brought against you, does not mean that your rights and freedoms should be forfeited or compromised; we are here to make sure that they aren't.

To learn more about how our legal services can be put to work for you, contact a Southern California criminal defense lawyer from the firm today.


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